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Musing from a Baltimore Mall

My son managed to find a chair in a big shopping center seeing me tired after making a few rounds. 

I wanted to click pictures of women of different dimensions and skin colors and hair styles and tattoos but had strict instructions from my children not to do that and land in the hands of cops. 

I got bored and mused how aging was reducing my movements.  My brain, mind, all parts of body are fit to go on a Manasarovar yAtra but my knees won’t cooperate. 

You would have observed that either at your home, office or among friends, there will be one guy, who comes forward with a negative opinion when you start something  good and try to stop your forward movement. 

After rejecting many girls suggested by his father, an young man known to me, liked immensely one girl and was about to give the thumb up signal to his father, when a friend who had accompanied whispered into his ear,’what an old name the girl is given! How will you introduce her to your friend?’

Her name was Kundalakesi!

This was long ago. A recent story:

Shanmukha Sundari ‘s mom rejected a boy outright, as she was not happy with his given name, Sundaramoorthy . But the girl, who liked him, suggested, ‘mom, I will take him as my driver ‘. 

The mom was happy. The boy too was happy. 

‘Ok, take me to the Kalyan Jewelers’,  ordered the mom.

‘Omg, why’re you driving like this?’, asked the mom unable to stay stable in her seat.

‘I don’t know driving madam. I know only cooking’, replied the young man.

‘Stop the car. You’re selected as my daughter’s husband’

Sundaramoorthy and Shanmukhasundai got married and lived long happily.

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