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Picture album

1. On the way back home

Even after a hard day’s work, while going home for retiring, the Sun wanted to do some good work for the world. The small quantity of paint left over in his can, he uses to give life to the wall and doors of the garage of our Ocala house. Amazing hand work!

Shining Sun beyond the curtain and a tiny lamp inside
The heaven’s bliss is awaiting just outside. What is needed is just push the curtains to a side so that the entire house is illumined . But I won’t get up from my seat and instead manage with the tiny lamp for bedrooms !
Open the doors and widows and allow the awaiting air and light to enter inside!
Let noble thoughts come to us from every side –
आः नो भद्राः कर्तव्यो यन्तु विश्वतः Aa no badraaha kartavyo yanthu vishwatahah
The mulch/ bark chips used for retaining water under tree. Trees are machine- cut in no time and after salvaging the usable blocks, the remaining wood bark are cut into nice shavings and spread below trees and bushes. It is claimed that it helps to about 20-25% water saving, by reducing evaporation.
A small contribution of the fallen tree for the living of its own clan. Trees are useful while living and even after dying.munch