Awaken by the autumn


The aspiration to write, dormant in the cavern of my heart for an unusually long time was ignited by the  leisurely atmosphere in the Baltimore house of my eldest son, Sharath,  where I had come to sojourn for the first time in the  autumn  2004. The nature  here in Autumn, before setting down into the cool embrace of the winter,  like a bride on her honey-moon night, blushes  when the quite green summer foliage of  maple , cherry and other trees transforms into reds, browns, golds and oranges.
Those damsels donning multi color apparels peering into my study moved by a mild wind or  parading  glamorously on both the sides of the roads while I move in a car, played a major role in awakening the sleeping writer in me.
It started as a ripple, my story- writing and thanks to the encouragement received from the pattars group, became a wave and now it is  flowing out, as a stream.
Many friends wanted to know whether the characters and incidents of my stories are  real or fictitious. Is it really important ? Have you not met at least some of them, at some place or other? May be in your village, at some functions or in your family itself. If not, look for them and if you meet any of them, convey my regards .
I welcome you to have a dip in this flow.  Hope you will enjoy it.
Sivasubramanian Perinkulam
Aug 5, 2006

No more with me but always within me

                                                                                  WHAT TO LOOK FOR HERE
  Sri Siva’s reply reminds me of what Principal Agrawal of Mumbai’s famous Agrawal Classes said, decades earlier.Agrawal Classes would admit only students who had scored 90 plus marks in their Maths, Physics and Chemistry for coaching to perform well in the higher secondary class.When one of the parents asked Principal Agrawal what was the merit in selecting the best students and subsequently taking creit for turning out excellent results, the Principal’s reported polite and humble reply was:”Sir,  I only polish Diamonds.  My skill is limited to that. If you are looking for a washerman, go to Atomic Energy’s School in their BARC complex, where they admit students with 40 marks in maths and science and turn them out as brilliant engineers or scientists a few years later”.Thanks to Shri Siva for advising us what to look for where.


To: [email protected]
From: [email protected]
Date: Fri, 20 Jan 2012 22:55:53 +0530
Subject: [Pattars] I have nothing with me to teach you


My classmate Sri. Krishnamoorthy had this to say about my post on ‘Kavassery and Pallavur “
“Dear Siva,
I went through your article on Pallavur and Kavasseri, with a hope to find some guidance about the localities. I am terribly disappointed that it contained descriptions of one or trwo personalities only, not a word about the geography, people and their habits.”
He is right.  I don’t write on those because there are several other sources such as travel guides, Google search etc to help you on those subjects
 My interest is to attempt to touch your finer feelings and try to vibrate those intimate inner  strings. I am a ‘vainika’ in that respect and not an information bureau. I have nothing with me to teach you.
I shall be grateful if my respected readers could keep this is in their mind, while reading my stories.
 I was moved when a day or two back , a reader said this :
 ” Dear Shri Sivasubramanian,It was a rare treat, one of the beautiful portrayal,narration or story telling which i chanced to read today and i sincerely want to congratulate you for this and pray for your good health and happiness.
It was a casual search for an email from a friend “parasu’ (whom i met after a gap of 50 years at Thrissur during the golden jubilee celebrations of Government College of Engineering),that made me look at the US brahmins mail of May 19 2011, where in your story of parasu vadyar not just attracted me but made me read with intense interest couple of times and i liked it so much because of its simplicity and familiar back drop and events.Though few tear drops fell at the end, i realized that it brought freshness and a light feeling removing the heaviness of the crowded life.
Thank you for this nice piece”
That exactly is my aim .
Love and regards,
Ocala, Florida

“Am I really worth so much ? Do my works deserve such an unreserved accolade?” I asked myself after reading the letter of appreciation from Smt.Radhika Krishnan . Here is a woman unknown to me,  who was writing to me for the first time and her words have the warmth of sincerity. I was convinced that she means what she said, whether her judgment is correct or not. Her second letter reinforced my belief. I am overwhelmed by her words of appreciation and therefore, with the permissible pride of a writer, I am posting her letters here.
How blessed I am that I could contribute something for the happiness, though momentarily, of at least one person.
I raise my head silently towards the sky, thank the  Supreme Power, for endowing me with this unique ability, and place myself again and again at His lotus feet.
‘ Sakala karmarpanam bhavathu karomi jnan,
Samsthamaparatham kshamswa Jagalpathe ‘
 (All my karmas I dedicate to you, God; pardon me for all my wrong-doings )
Love and regards,
July 26, 2011


—– Forwarded Message —–
From: Radhika Krishnan <[email protected]>
To: [email protected]
Sent: Friday, 22 July 2011, 16:58
Subject: My salutations to you

My Namaskaram to you sir
Before I start, please excuse and forgive me if any of my words or sentences  hurt you or your sentiments directly or  indirectly. I promise that my intentions are clear of thanks giving to God for sending your works to me and by reading them I feel very happy.
I first want to say, “Thank you very much”, you may want to know why is this lady thanking me  when I don’t even know who she is & what have I done for her to thank me? Yes Thank you for enlightening me with your wonderful sharing on the Pattars yahoo group (when I read the messages on yahoo I first intensely search for your message I read it first as if I was missing something and then I go on to read the others, I have each and every word on your website and keep reading over and over again, it brings life and reality moreover it gives you the real meaning of living.
Be it your exciting short stories, the wonderful articles, the awesome sequels, exceptionally beautiful poems, (although I could read only the ones in English), the Telling tele talks –wow its so real & true as if a father is guiding her child across through the fields & valleys of life.
 Its just mouth- watering as if I am looking the golden yellow juicy mangoes and waiting to start eating them up, while the others are WOW!!! What an amazing person God has created and most of all blessed me to read your great works. 
Oh blessed one! You are indeed highly favored by God, who had sent you to millions and millions of people who even though we have not met you in person but by your sharing have brought God close to me at least and have given me mental peace.
As I touch your feet I take your blessing, oh Blessed & Learned one, please bless me that I succeed to do the will of God and achieve His purpose and fulfill His plan for me.
Thank you Sir. Thank you very much.
(The second letter sent on 25th July 2011 )

Thank you once again not only for your blessings but also for your messages.

Sir, I greatly apologize if any words or sentences may hurt you and your feelings, please do forgive me as you would surely forgive your own child, I know I am not at all worthy to be called one of your child but if you accept me than I will at least, I surely would like to be your disciple and want to learn & put into practice all of your teachings through your messages, just like an archer would learn from his guru…….
 I must tell you that I loved reading “Parasurama Vaadyar, it touched my soul & brought me to really think about God and his existence & creation, it brought peace to my mind, I didn’t know about all this until I read your messages which are actually very loud, crisp & clear, but reading “NOT A BAD IDEA”, “UTTER CONFUSION” and so many other made me to laugh at your humor, your messages are just perfect!!!!!!Sir you indeed have a great sense of humor, there is no doubt about any of your messages.
At night when I don’t get sleep & look at the window outside and feel the cool breeze, I wonder how God has given you an amazing knowledge to recreate something into a beautiful piece and make us just enjoy reading it in order to make us feel the presence of God, even reading about the “crows”, I now literally ask the crows when they come onto my window sill, who are you and I wait to get an answer………………I know that someday I will get an answer.
Sir, as I bend down and touch your feet to take your blessings, I pray to God to keep you in good health, in mind, soul & body, so that you may keep up the wonderful work of spreading God’s message to us sinners.
Thank you Sir. Thank you very much.

Pls continue your great work

Ernest learner from your great work
Radhika Krishnan
An elder’s blessings :
Date: Tue, 7 Feb 2012 09:52:40 -0800
From: [email protected]
Subject: Dear sir
To: [email protected]

Although I am nearing 80 I am a great admirer of your dearself; I have been and continue reading your write-up on many matters which are of great interest to me and which soothe my charged mental  frame. Goddess Saraswati has indeed endowed you with the free flow of the pliable English language which you handle it remarkably. Not that everyone has this sort of prowess; onlya star is visible on the horizon rarely. Continue your journey not stop. God bless.
with best wishes


99 thoughts on “Awaken by the autumn

  1. Dear Sir,
    I have become a fan of your writing. I enjoy your stories, the language being so simple but the message conveyed is very strong.
    I am just inquisitive to find out if these stories are your real life stories or your great imagination.

  2. Pichumani and his non vadama wife
    Good story – it’s so sad that children don’t have the integrity to talk to the parents first before doing exactly what they want.
    Mrs. Geetha Ganapathy

  3. Dear Brother,
    Your article “Pitchumani and his non vadamal wife ” is very intereting and thought provoking. We hope it is a real life situation. You have touched various topics and lot of messages are conveyed. The presentation is vivid. The “Athai” character is really touching. We are very eager to read further since you have mentioned that it will be continued.
    Our best wishes for you to continue to contribute more and more articles.

  4. I was greatly impressed by the short story “Pitchumani and his non vadamal wife” Part 1-3 by Shri Siva Subramanian of Perinkulam.
    The author is in a class of his own and has set what I believe to be an exalted and unreachable standard in a genre of writing that combines a deep understanding of our culture,value systems,our sensitivities and of course our way of being ! I felt a sense of sadness at the way Pitchu ditched his parents .I also felt respect for the parents for taking the news in a stoic fashion.My admiration also went to Athai who came across as a typical kerala iyer mami – smart,extremly intelligent,quick on the uptake and agressive but also at the same time having a sensitive and understanding mind.
    Please convey my appreciation to Shri Siva Subramanian of Perinkulam who by his pen has brought back to me the memories of my heritage.I eagerly await Instalment 4 . I am eager to know how elizabeth will mesh into a vadama setting – will she attend the poojas during twilight or will she sit cross legged watching tv ?will she help mami in household chores or will she keep the food plate in the table itself and expect mami to wash up after her ? will she understand the pain and maturity and concern of Mama and mami or will she be in a non care mode ?
    Hats off to you Sir ! Your writing is a God Given Grace ! Praise the Lord !
    Harish Kollangode Swaminathan

  5. Dear sir
    I happen to read ur story thro pattar group mails. It was very interesting. It was the same kind of feeling one get when they read R.K narayan. Hope to read more such interesting novels. if u could forward me the full text in a pdf or word format i shall ask my parents to read the same and I am sure it would be definitely more inspiring to them since they can relate this more with their typical kerala pattar life style

  6. Reg: Pichumani and his non vadama wife
    I am new entrant to this group,and really enjoy and involve in your writings.
    when we read, we feel as if we are in a agraharam and seeing you and the great athai standing/walking/ talking before us, not to mention about the taste of the hot coffee…. strange may you feel, all this happened only because now am far away from hometown and now in shanghai/china. sometimes think and miss hometown and surroudings a lot.
    when you mentioned about the noorani saasthapreethi, a replay of kochi saasthapreethi (thekke madom) ran through my mind. we eagerly await to hear from you more on this.
    usha balasubramaniam

  7. Reg: Pichumani and his non vadama wife
    I really liked reading this. It reminded me of my mother.. her character was so much like that of ” Athai” Women do have great strength of the mind. My grandfather and parents are from kalpathy, but we settled in Pune.
    Thank you for the nice article.

  8. Dear sir
    I happen to read ur story thro pattar group mails. It was very interesting. It was the same kind of feeling one get when they read R.K narayan. Hope to read more such interesting novels. if u could forward me the full text in a pdf or word format i shall ask my parents to read the same and I am sure it would be definitely more inspiring to them since they can relate this more with their typical kerala pattar life style
    Manager – Marketing

  9. Pranams Sir,
    Wonderful reading .May God bless you and your
    family with all health and prosperity.

  10. Dear Perias,
    I read your imaginative article on the above now and earlier issue. It is too good. You have an imaginative writer in you. It is too interesting and while reading as though we are living through it like a picture on the screen and you in the theatre forgetting about the atmosphere.

  11. Pitchumani and his non-vadama wife
    The story is really touching. I was reading it in between my
    office hrs. The “slogams in English ” is really good. You have mentioned below
    that having no other work , you have started writing this story. Kindly try
    to provide us some slogas in english and their meanings… It is my kind
    Tnks N Rgds
    Kala Rajesh

  12. Namaskaram.This is A.R Krishnamurtht writing to you from California.Your serial on Pichumani and his non vadama wife has been a very good attempt and you have really taken to the door step of everyone who has had the rate opportunity of reading the various characters depicted therein.
    If this serial has come out of your imagination, then it is really fantastic.You have taken the readers to Palghat side other than Andhra settled telugu speaking Palghat Brahmins.Seshumama alamumami, meera, ravi etc not to speak of Vaikkam mama talking in Malayalam mix tamil are characters who could hardly be forgotten from memory. On reading this serial I recollect the Ẃashington Thirumanam’by Chavi written and published in an Anandavikatan a few decades ago which is also a good story.
    Sitting in Baltimore if you could write such nice serials why not make a serial based on places in and around london?

  13. Pichumani and his non Vadama wife
    Dear Sri Ps ji,
    Let me wholeheartedly congratulate u. Somehow I could read only ur concluding part, which itself was very thrilling.
    Can u please send me the earlier parts?
    let me introduce myself -s.n.iyer(Subramania Narayana Iyer) .Served Aviation Industry for 33+ years ,retired in 2004 from IA.Chennai. Call myself as Ayyappadas S.n.Iyer
    We are blessed by a daughter, a son– both of them are in US Dlaas(TXS),Lansing (MI). my wife and i are here in US on a short holiday.
    Will be too happy to b in touch with you.
    U reminded me of Malayattoor Ramkrishnan -whose novels used to take readers through the villages of kerala indeed. Narration style simple but surely superb.
    AYYAPPA bless you
    With love, regards and PRANAMS
    AYYAPPADAS s.n.iyer

  14. Reg: Pichumani and his non vadama wife
    Very interesting story.. made up for some thoughtful reading. Goes to prove the prejudices that we Pattars still have, and how wrong we can be.
    Urmila Santosh

  15. All your write ups are very interesting and hilarious. Kudos to you!
    You must be publishing them in a book form, I suppose.

  16. Ref: Oh! Parama sukham
    Dear Mama,
    You are really a inveterate story teller, builidng up the story, then not telling us how she looked like!!!
    If my urge to hear the description of the “ponnu” is so much, no wonder u were so eager to know what she looked like!
    Looking fwd to the next part of the story.
    Within the main story there are so many nuggets which made me smile as i read it.

  17. Ref: Oh! Parama Sukham
    My dearest mama,
    do you believe in rebirths? i do.
    My son is born under Vishaka nakshatram, same as my dad.
    (Breaking all the date-of-arrival predictions docs in Singapore and India as well as any mami who happened to see me at Kundu shivan kovil or Mandakarra Ganapathy kovil made)
    I feel nay believe that my dad has come back to me! I had been missing him very much since he passed away in 97. He even has the same smile, care and concern and sense of mischief like my dearest, handsomest appa had……….
    Anyway I am drifting away from the topic: what i wanted to say was that we may have been related in some previous birth, hence the rapport I feel with you.
    Or is it something all your readers feel, esp Palakkad people??
    Wish I could have gotten to know mami. As usual I read your narration and am replying to u b4 chkng any of my other mails. Hope you led a married life as colorful and vibrant as the mapallai ezappu u described.
    warm rgds,
    P.S: If you ever happen to be in Singapore as you globe-trot, dont forget to come down to your daughter’s house and bless her with your presence.

  18. I am addressing this to you through Pattar group as I do not have your E mail ID. What you have written about Pitchumani getting hitched to a Mexican senora, is, unfortunately not very in frequent. It shows lack of rapport between the parents and their children. Obviously, Seshu Mama was a conservative person, not willing to recognise the changes brought about by time and unwilling to adapt to them. I am more interested in knowing whether Seshu Mama or his Wife belonged to Chathapuram, to whose presiding deity Sri Maha Ganapathy, Mami offered a coconut, because I am a native of Chathapuram, Palakkad. I will be grateful for the information.
    Thank you. With regards,
    cvkmoorthy@hotmail. Com

  19. Re: [Pattars] Oh, Parama sukham–chapter 3
    your humour is so real. i am a native of singapore. my late father hailed from chatapuram, palghat. i have been to kalpathy several times and
    so can relate with some of the episodes you related regarding the elephant!
    once again nice to read your accounts and stories. very vivid with sampradhaya and coming from Baltimore is a treasure that all should value and keep!

  20. Dear Sivasu,
    This Ayalur S.Venugopal settled in Dallas aged 86 in march this year has taken liberty to call you this name. I saw the article ´Pitchumani and his non vadama wife’ and enjoyed. I was born in Trichur and had several friends from perinkulam Our closest friend was Dr.P.N.Vaidyanatha Iyer and family. Balakrishnan is also known to me. Vaithilingam who settled in chennai is also known to me. I hail from Ayalur which is only 5 km from perinkulam.

  21. Re: Oh, Parama sukham–chapter 3
    I loved reading Parama Sukham ..Parama sukham indeed ..
    Thank you,

  22. Dear Sir,
    Today, (Pongal Day), I read your article sent to the kerala-iyers group.
    I found your writing very interesting, specifically about the ‘action that could have been taken’ and the ‘questions not asked’. This just confirms the fact that this world’s reaction may not be in the way one would want it. Justice could be delayed (complicated). About ‘questions’, the thought that strikes me is ‘when I was young, my father questioned me, now that I am a father, my children question me. Anyway, I guess one has to always keep swimming and just hope that the current will be in our favor.
    I also enjoyed the humorous first part of your writing and look forward to your sequel.Hope you have a wonderful Pongal.
    Best Regards
    Dr. Siva

  23. Re: [Pattars] OH, PARAMASUKHAM Chapter 6
    respected sir,
    i am taking print out and keeping your writings. chapter 2 is missing. can u forward me.
    thanks and regards

  24. RE: [Pattars] OH, PARAMASUKHAM Chapter 6
    Dear Sir,
    “Oh Paramasukham” has been one of my favorite reads … very well written… I’ve heard there was an elephant procession at my parents’ wedding too… nice reading about the groom’s trepidations as he climbs on for the ride of his life really 🙂 Thanks for the nice post … eagerly awaiting more…
    warm regards,

  25. Ref: paramasukham
    Dear Author,
    I read first three chapters of your submissions then I got distracted
    by other demands of life. Are your older submissions on the same topic
    archived anywhere? I would like to read chapter 4,5,6 put them together
    in a file for my collection, if you don’t mind.
    Looking forward to your response.
    With Best Wishes
    Ramu Ramakesavan

  26. Dear Mr Sivasubramanian
    I am reading your article forwarded by my soninlaw.Really it is very good and witty. I am now in US and shortly returning to Chennai. I hope you are in Hyderabad (or in US now) . For the return trip in a few days we are packing and packing(Purchases to
    India).really we are enjoying your article which is almost experienced by some people. Thank u very much. All the best wishes to you.
    Expecting next chapter.

  27. Dear Sri.Siva Subramanian,
    Wonderful experience. It was Paramasukham to read your episode in an attractive witty manner.
    Keep it up.Thanks for good narration.
    B.Ganesan (Ganesh), abudhabi
    Camp: Tampa, Florida

  28. Dear Sri. Siva,
    I have been going thru your many short lively, down to earth, stories (
    It sounds as if they are real life situations ) from time to time. I
    thoroughly enjoy them.
    I belong to Chathapuram, though my sojourn with that wonderful village
    was only from 1954 to 1961 when I was studying in PMM school and GVC
    later. My father retired from Military Accounts service and settled
    down in his ancestral house. From your various narrations I find that
    you lived in Olavakkode and you probably were frequenting Chathapuram
    village. Your mention of Kallekulangara is vivid in my memory. Yes, I
    used to go also crossing the rocks from kalpathy kadavu to that serene
    temple. During one of my recent visits to Palakkad I wanted to visit
    that temple. Oh God !!! what a transformation. You no longer see those
    rocks (parais) and you are lead directly to the temple with a narrow
    crowded road. The serenity is lost to posterity. Please keep writing
    such wonderful experiences and let me relive my unforgettable grand old
    days !!!! I am only 68 years young. Can you recount some of your
    contacts from Chathapuram ?
    Where are you now ? I am settled in Bombay (Vashi), but shuttle between
    Bombay and California where all my children are settled for the past 10
    years and more.
    C.K. Ramanathan
    Industrial Research Associates, 62 Shah Industrial Estate, Deonar,
    Mumbai 400 088, INDIA.

  29. Dear Sri. Siva,
    I admire your orginality and hidden witt
    I have been going thru your many short lively, down to earth, stories (It sounds as if they are real life situations ) from time to time. I thoroughly enjoy them

  30. Re: [Pattars] OH, PARAMA SUKHAM Chpter 8
    Hullo Namasakarams from Canada
    I am delighted to read your poetical article and enjoy every bit of it.
    When I read your article it reminds of the following sentence by Samuel Johnson:
    Will you permit me to insert my digital extrimities into your pouch and extract there from a pinch of pulverized atoms of tobacco, which when inhaled through the nostrils………..(I forgot the rest)
    Simple way of asking “MookuPodai” I wonder if you heard of this or can you find ut the rest of the sentence.

  31. another r.k.narayanan’ s malgudi like ?
    How i missed them so far.

  32. Your writings are enjoyable. Its all packed with words and stories often referred by my appa. He would have enjoyed this
    With Namaskarams
    Anandhi Swaminathan

  33. Dear mama
    You have very nicely potrayed a lot of aspects of our Indian culture – good ones like youngster’s politeness to elders, friendly neighbors, good wife and helpful housemaid but at the same time things can go overboard when the friendly neighbor takes too many priviledges, the housemaid becomes nosy and tells the wife of what is there in the husband’s suitcase and good wife can gets sometimes be unhappy bordering of slight jealousy that her husband is helping so many people around.

    A.R Krishnamurthy

  35. I am glad to inform u that i hv just completed reading
    all your remaining chapters, i.e., 10, 11 and 12 just
    now at 11.00 p.m. Really, u r a genius. u hv taken the
    readers to each and every spot u hv referred to in yr
    serials, as if the readers were physically present to
    experience the feeling of attending the wedding
    ceremony. u hv a flair to bring various characters in
    your own inimitable style. I strongly suggest that
    with slight modification, here and there, only very
    minor, the entire 12 chapters could be published as a
    book, inasmuch as the public, especially, the younger
    generation, will have a lot of benefits on reading
    sucha publication.
    I pray almighty god, guruvayurappan, kaliyuga varadan,
    to bless you with much more imaginations, wisdom and
    physical strength so that the public will attain more
    knowledge about our rituals, as u hv directly or
    indirectly emphasized that science is injected through

  36. Re: oh! paramasukham- – – chapter 13
    Dear netizen friend,
    I felt it most enjoyable reading some articles in your website.Your maiden visit to US reflected the feelings and experiences of any Indian senior citizen visiting US at the request of his children.I could infer that you are a devotee of Lord Krishna after reading the poemNamami nithyam Navaneetha Krishnam. It is superb.Being an Andhrite I felt a little bit difficult in transliteration.Any how I could catch the spirit of it.I would feel glad to see you and interact with you if you are pleased when I go over to Hyderabad in a few months.Presently I am in Singapore with my second son..
    Best Regards,

  37. appuji: namaskaramundandi:
    sambharam and sarpagandhi made me sit and laugh for at
    least five wife was asking me why i was
    laughing alone!samanila thettiyonnoru samsayam!!superb
    imagination.and thanks for the third keep
    up and offload more and more such humorus

  38. Ref: My maiden US visit
    Thoroughly enjoyed your Maiden Flight.
    waiting for more

  39. Dear Mr.Sivasubramanian Perinkulam,
    My name is Venkatraman writing to you from bahrain.
    I have had the honour of reading your short stories, sequels etc at
    It is obvious that you would have got lot of responses, appreciation and other positive adjectives from people and pattars around the world for the way you present your thoughts. With a large heart i would like to express my happiness and pray that you continue to write in the same way as you do now, so that people like me can enjoy and feel what you experience as the author.
    Though i am 33 years old, and born and brought up in bombay, having never experience what a village would be, you have taken me years back to view how kerala and other places would have been those yesteryears. To express thoughts with simplicity in a lucid way is not a quality available to many, and goddess saraswathi has bless you generously.
    In my own small way, I convey my appreciation and if possible respond to me whenever convenient. It would be my pleasure to be in touch with you and also listen to anectodes and fables from your lifetime which would be a learning/ enjoyment point to people like me
    Yours affectionately

  40. Namaskaram.
    Its such a pleasure to read you after such a long time.

  41. Dear Sir(Mama)
    I had a oppurchunity to visit ur website , it was awesome, Thanks.

  42. Dear Athaan
    I clicked ur personal website…and read few stories……very nice and interesting……Excellent Malarum Ne-naivugal….
    pl add few related pictures here and there between the articles (for crow and dad article, just add a crow and appa’s photo………) . And in between the article also you can add some pix.

  43. Dear Sir/ Mama
    Ever since i got your address thru KITs mail, its been a pleasurable reading journey for me !
    I must say that your simple yet profound writing reminds me of RK Narayanan’s poignant words, the simplicity & richness of our bygone era’s.
    May you continue with your fine writing & touch many more of us in more ways than one
    Love, Jai

  44. fantastic article.keep writing mama.This is to remind people and the world of the excellent command pattars have in English and power of conveying the richness of our backyard stories in English

  45. Dear Sir,
    After going through your web site I was impressed by the facility with which you have penned your thoughts some of which are at once humourous but simple. I see you have deep memory of little things that would have escaped one notice.
    With Love and Regards,
    (ARS Iyer)
    Alampallam Rama Iyer Subramania Iyer

  46. I read your Nov 4 mail appearing in the patars group mail.
    A very moving narration.I shall be visiting Trivandrum in Dec 1st week.shall visit the Durga temple.
    R Chandrasekaran

  47. I have gone through the narration of your visit to Trivandrum and your comments about the Sree Durgadevi temple. Nice to read the same. The temple committee under the leadership of Shri SK Swamy is doing a nice job to maintain the temple.

  48. Dear Sivasubramanian’
    thanks for this opportunity which i got after reading your recent travellogue about Vaikam and the presiding deity
    i am a permanet resident of chennai but a frequent visitor to my parent’s places at pallavur and kannimangalam nemmara.
    the write up was read by me
    and i felt as if i am witnessing the Ashtami at Vaikam in person as this is a first hand description and i await to see more of your blogs
    thanking you once again
    You may know Ramachandran of ICRISAT Hyd my sambanthi

  49. Dear Uncle,
    I am srikanth’s friend. I happened to read few short stories on your website.
    It reminds me of “Malgudi Days” and pleasant village environment when ever I read anything in this space.
    I must say Srikanth is too good in writing/narrating and he must have inherited all that essentials from you.
    Keep Going!!
    Rakesh Chintha

  50. dear shiva
    thanku for the link below i am here hope to catch up with many your witty narration leaves me spell bound there is this kerala manam in all your blogs…regards sundari

  51. Namaskaram. your contents are real and as such moving. Your style is good and simple. I happen to be the editor of the magazine called brahmintoday which is a monthly bilingual {Tamil 80% English 20%} mag being publshed from chennai for the past66 months. Pl visit to see some of the issues in web. This topic is discussed in the monthly serious ” Sattanatha iyerum Shttur kadhavum” kindly read and post your comment. I would very much to have some of your postings in the magazine to reach more brahmin bandhus. Hope you will do the needful

  52. In your introductory first page, please give the english meaning of the slokas mentioned therein, just below the slokas in brackets. It will be useful to those who dont know Sanskrit much.
    Expecting release of a book from you,
    compiling all your writings.
    Best wishes

  53. i must admire your writings.
    brought me back to my own childhood memories.
    keep up the good work.

  54. I am a Palghat brahmin and I liked the comments
    mentioned by various person and would like to have books. My address :B/282 Saurabh Park
    Behind Samta Flats, P.O. Subhanpura, Vadodara 390 023
    Gujarat (India)

    1. Thank you Sri. Anantha Krishan.
      I am yet to bring out a book. Shall send you a copy when it happens.
      Love and regards,

  55. SIR,

  56. Excellent writings.
    The ancient Hindu philosophy of keepiing mind and body for the well being, has entered the managerial, medical and judicial domain of the world. Today it has found its place as an alternative to the theory of modern management and also as a means to bring back the right path of peace and prosperity for the human beings. Let me bow to Indian Maharishi Veda Vysa with folded hands who helped in removing the impurities of the mind through his writings on Vedas, impurities of speech through his writings on puranas, and impurities of body through his writings on other sacred texts.

  57. Great Articles and more interesting and very great work.
    From Rajan Ramakrishnan
    for Lord Ganesha Sketches

  58. Dear Sir,
    It is nice to read your postings as well the reaction of your admirers.
    You are doing fine service through your writing and hope it will be taken in proper attention for their development.
    One thing which is beyond my understanding why you say this :
    Barthruhari’s many verses are good, though I do not like the way he condemns women.
    You hope understand that every writer gives his opinion as he finds in his experience. Probably Barthruhari had such experences and his writing were only a reflection of his writings. It is more so when you yourself say
    Have you not met at least some of them, at some place or other? May be in your village, at some functions or in your family itself. If not, look for them and if you meet any of them,convey my regards .
    I hope I am clear in my expression.
    Thanking you and regards

    1. Dear Ramamani,
      You are absolutely clear in your expression.I wish I am blessed with more readers like you to beat me with my own stick!
      I really enjoyed your comments. Thanks again for visiting my site and understanding me.
      Forget Barthruhari. Did you like my ‘athai character?
      Love and regards,

  59. To: [email protected]
    Reg. The hot stuff from the Baltimore temple
    9th April, 2010
    A great write up from “Siva”. ‘You should be able to reach that stillness within you”, says Siva. True. Rishis of yore precisely did that. In our own contemporaneity, Ramana Maharishi was one who advocated that. He used to advise us to ask us a question repeatedly “Who am I?”.
    When you walk on the carpeted floor of a Five Star Hotel, you need piped music in a low tone, to provide you proper stride.
    Your repetition of a “Gayathri Manthra” or the syllable “Om” is to provide you the right ambiance, as correctly pointed out by Siva. You cannot enjoy Chamber Music in a Maidan. Michael Holding’s ‘Rolls Royce run up’. would be a visual treat, when you watch it under overcast sky at Lords.
    And finally, as Nietzsche said, ‘ If there is no God, there is need to invent one’. This is because we need a shoulder to cry upon when we are in distress, a hope to look upon the Dawn of the morrow, a wayside milestone to guide us and to lessen our burden or an Almighty force to reassure us that everything is well in the World.
    Brave words from Baltimore.

  60. Re: [Iyer123] A Serious Scientific Discussion And A Mouse In Between‏
    :sent 16 August 2007 09:21AM
    Wonderful discussion.
    Amazing stuff.
    Thanks for posting this in the forum.
    Ravi Mahadevan

  61. Re: [Pattars] AMMALU IS ALWAYS RIGHT—- Then, it is OK‏
    April 11, 2010
    Then it is ok.
    appugaru namaskaram: thanks for yr advance vishu kaineetam: really i enjoyed the piece of mohiniattam rehearsal.

  62. (Iyer123) “Such things happened under gas lights”
    May 1, 2010
    dear sir
    really thought provoking
    enjoyed reading

  63. mama, I have visited your site many times even before I came across you in the yahoogroups. I was simply marvelling at the felicity of thoughts and lucidity of the expression. Some people are not blessed with the capacity to think, of the people who are endowed with that capacity, only very few can channelise them into coherent pathways, and to extract them well processed in the crucible of intellect and serve them as sweetest delicacies is given only to limited few, and you have excelled beyond accolades from lesser intellects. Thank you

  64. Dear KVA,
    As you would have learned about me from my stories. I am not superstitious, but I do believe the story that it was the divine intervention that carved a Valmiki out of a ruthless hunter and a Kalidasa out of a stupid shepherd. There is a divine hand behind any creation of beauty. Beauty is always God’s creation. He himself is beauty.
    I was in tears while typing the concluding line, മനസ്സില്‍ നിന്നൊരിക്കലും മറഞ്ഞു പോകരുതേ നീ’ in the latest poem, കണ്ണനെവിടേ, മണിവര്‍ണനെവിടേ?’ as I felt the pangs of a mother awaiting the return of her child and I think that is the award for the composition. I need not tell you this. As a writer, you know ; you too would have experienced.
    I am proud of your association .
    Live in God; He always lives in you.
    Love and regards,

  65. Pahavaane Sharanam!‏
    25 May 2010
    [email protected]
    Read it.
    Enjoyed it.
    Was not satisfied!
    Wanted more!
    So I read it again!
    Camp: Fremont , California

  66. Some mundane matters, nothing else
    May 25, 2010
    [email protected]
    Mind blowing expression to the reality. I salute to thee as a son who dedicated your service to the nation.

  67. My close friend and Mentor has created the web-site which gives temple wise details. It is an excellent site and a MUST SEE for all.

  68. Dear sir,
    I really enjoy your writings / articles you write in the pattars column. Your talent of expression is enormous. gold bless you to give more write ups to your loving readers.
    Veembil Viswanathan

  69. Hi Siva,
    It seems you are having a rolicking life style in India rememberingthe “Chootu Kathicha Thee (sparklets)and Sambandham days! You naughty boy !! I still hear the reverberations of the Nayadi lady and man in Chathapuram and the way those humans were treated by the then Pattars. I wonder how many illegal kids are borne out of the “Adichuthali” ladies. I knew of a few Kariakars roaming at night near the river banks lifting the “Mundu” halfway.
    I have also visited ” Kalyankulangara” and I even did
    “Sayana Pradhikshinam” in Chathapuram after I got through SSLC in 1952. I then left Chathapuram planting a “Banyan Tree” on the river banks. It has become huge now and I saw it in 2006 when I visited Chathapuram.
    Siva,.you should visit us in Canad when you are in USA./ We can haved’nayagra Snanam” (only getting wet inthe mist) not real one like “Ganga snanam”
    I had my cataract for both eyes besides the hernia surgery. No my stomach has been opened 3 times.
    Well life goes on and with my lovely wife taking care of me allis well. Especially when the six grand children are around me. That is life Siva.
    Regards and good wishes
    Atheist Natarajan

  70. Dear Sir
    Good Web site
    Keep Cool
    Annapoorni (Anu)

  71. Good, thought provoking writing. I appreciate the contents and the way they are told
    best regards
    Krishnamurthy V

  72. well simple and so jovially presented…keep writing sir..all wishes…

  73. A pretty long time back,I had the rare opportunity of contacting you after I read the poem “Namami nithyam Navaneetha Krishnam” written by you.Actually I wanted to transliterate in to telugu script.Ever since that time I read with interest your articles which have a magical attraction.I fondly hope to read any fresh atempt you make in the future,

  74. Dear Sri Sivasubramanian Perinkulam Maamaa:
    Your writings reflect a zest for life. At times it appears to be a bit condescending too. That can be ignored keeping the larger written feast made available to the reader. I think you should publish it in a hardbound format through leading publishers such as Penguin, OUP, Random House etc. It should be an instant best-seller!
    With best regards,
    – Sreenivasan Raju Aiyer

  75. Dear Shri Siva,
    I have been reading your interesting write-ups, as I do those of Gopa and a few others who specialize in this form of creative writing.
    I have often been responding too, sometimes with my inputs in case I find some thing relevant that could be added up to the pieces.
    All such articles, whether real or imaginary, certainly kindles a sense of nostalgia for those who had left their native villages and are staying elsewhere either to eak out a livelihood or to spend their retired life like me.
    Keep writing; we are with you,

  76. A fantastic write-up.Thanks to Prasanna we could get your
    Vani & J.S.Acharya (NIN-India)

  77. dear sri subramaniam,
    i read almost all ur recent articles and writeups in thatha-patti-group mails. may be i have missed many of the old publications, which i any way would like to read and enjoy and enrich my knowledge.
    specialy the writeup”MAILKAN VESHTI” touched my heart. it happens in many peoples life and wonder with out getting an answer what we can do to identify such people,situations, and be of any help like the parents in the writeup.any suggestions.
    i am from mumbai and presently in NEWJERSEY with my daughters.
    with bestwishes . GODBLESS.

  78. dear Sir,
    Welcome to my bogs at
    I will await your comments and suggestions.
    with warm regards,
    Visalakshi Ramani.

    1. Madam,
      I had a glance from a distance at your oceans ! How did you you find time to write so much and that too in two different languages and on such a variety of matters and materials ! Hats off to you.
      I shall leisurely study your blogs .
      My first impression of your theme, for the Tamil book, is the colors are too glaring. If I were you, I would choose a milder theme so that the main matter doesn’t get sandwiched between the borders. Borders should be decorative like a thin necklace wore on a lovely neck. Here I am not able to see the neck; the ornament is strangulating it .
      I hope that you will not take this in a negative sense. Each person’s perception beauty differs.
      Just for a change, try with a milder version and if you don’t like it go back to this extravaganza of colours.

      1. dear Sir,
        Thank you for your feedback and suggestions.
        Yes the border is very colorful. I saw many designs and settled for this since it had the rainbow colors in it.
        The theme is heavy so something flamboyant is needed to add joy and mirth and make people enter the blog.
        I maintain about 10 threads in the website and one of my threads
        ” Life is like that!” has become a hot thread few weeks ago.
        When you find free time please have a look into that website also.
        with warm regards,
        Visalakshi Ramani.

  79. Dear Sir,
    My hearty congratulations to you on your completion of 75 years of age. I pray to Almighty to shower on you His Choicest Blessings for your long life, good health and happiness so that you can continue to entertain us with your excellent write ups.

    1. Thank you Sri. Sethumadhavan for your warm greetings. May Bagavath kataksham illumine your soul and invigorate your body.
      My love and regards to your family members too.
      Let the Jagadaananda karakan fill my pen with His blessings which I can pass on to my friends.
      Love and regards,


  81. Dear Mr Sivasubramanian
    I have seen your email today. Many thanks for your quick response. I am delighted to read
    your articles with interest at this age of 80 which is one of the pastimes in california apart
    from spending time with my grandchildren at leisure God has been and is indifferent to
    create rare persons like your dearself with superbrain and instant and innovative imagination. Not
    all those are born are Perinkulam sivasubramanian. There is distinction in intelligence and
    brilliance. You are truly an outstanding personality with the skill and power of turning out
    good products couched in mesmerising langugage. God bless you and keep you healthy and
    happy for very very long time.

    r. ramabadran

  83. dear appu anna
    namaskarams. Got an opportuniy to read your website and gone thro all the incoming
    and outgoing messages. it is extremely super. to morrow our agm at mumbai. i am not
    attending. i am free today at bangalore. pl. forward the poem “namamitham navaneetha krshna”

  84. Radhika krishnan in one of her letter was eager to know more on crows. In wife regularly mixes rice with chutney,biscuit,rasam,curdsetcetc and keep on the wall top for corws to eat. Just started few days back. This made two crows regularly cry for the same every morning and unless we give food, they mnever get away. Why dont u do this as a try. If in Bangalore, u can come and see the live relay.

  85. Dear Sivasub Periinkulam
    You might have seen the recent letters in the Pattars yahoo group wondering the origin of the palghat iyers. I feel due to your expertise with Pattars, this may be a fitting project for you undertake and get to the bottom of this question which has been bothering us all this time.
    with kind regds

    1. There are many others better equipped than me and in fact I can send you a few links.
      love and regards,

  86. This is a good tip especially to those fresh
    to the blogosphere. Short but very accurate info… Appreciate your sharing this one.
    A must read article!

  87. Since the admin of this web page is working, no question very soon it will be well-known, due
    to its feature contents.

  88. thanks Golconda Hakimji

  89. I just accessed this site today. I am blessed to know a literary giant like you. From today, I no longer categorise myself as your ‘friend’. I would like to take your blessings and be your shishya. 2014 has started off vey well for me. Please Bless me with your heart.
    Gautam Sen

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Sri. Gautam Sen. I am proud of you as my friend!

  90. Wonderful and interesting

  91. A veritable literary giant are you sir, sri Perinkulam swamiji– you climb up from a lower or even from a middle BIRTH to a higher BIRTH so very effortlessly, in your
    “train journey”, draws parallels to human life’s journey itself !
    Please refer to GOLKONDA HAKIM EPISODES !!!
    A truly great allegory!! A great narration in spiritualism, puja swami perinkulam !
    What an invigorating narrated too, as seen in your episodes evoking endless spasms of endlessly utter mirth especially by the blessings of your Golkonda Hakim and so unlike the tough and serious methods shown by million years of vedantic study of great upanishads or even by the efforts of great Guru-s… but you just lift a box given to you by your guru G.Hakim… and lo and behold….you transport from BIRTH TO BIRTH SO effortlessly ! Wonder of wonders .. thunder of thunders swamiji !!
    What a gift to humanity, especially in train journeys !!
    You are indeed a jnanaswaroopa ( of golkonda Guru parampara) pujya swami sri Perinkulam Hakimji !!

    1. Thanks Sri. Murukambat for your visit to my blog and lavish praises

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