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Everything is NEVER lost; something always remains.

If you are of my age but unlike me, exasperate everyone, every time you lose a shaky tooth or a shaving stick or any such silly things and moan, ” I have lost everything”, I feel sorry not for you but for me!Reason- you have ‘lost everything’, leaving nothing for me to grab.
If you are an youngster unlike me but still lament, “I have lost everything’, when, actually what you have lost is of no consequence, I will tell you: “My dear young man, everything is never lost. something always remains at the bottom of the vessel which can feed a hundred mouths. if God’s grace is on you, you will be able to locate that left over tiny part and build a castle out of it”
If you still continue with your, “I have lost everything” slogan, I will hand over a free ticket to Tirupathy along with a hundred rupee note and advice you to go to the abode of the Lord of seven hills, have a nice tonsure, mount the hills and cry, “Govinda, Govinda!”
If you retort, “going all the way that far to lose my hair ?”, I will grab that free ticket and currency note from your hand, raise my head and hands towards the sky and cry, “Govinda, Govinda!”.
You cannot change some people. The feeling of failure will be always remain with them. You may say , ‘something remains with them!’
And had you expected that I would have deposited the currency in God’s hundi, you have not understood me. I place only my heart at the feet of my Lord and not money, which he has in plenty!
Success of the ‘ Something is left ‘ story, again !