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Ammalu is always right

‘Ammalu, don’t waste your time on me. I’m what I’m and I won’t change to suit your whims and fancies ‘

‘SP Sir, I don’t want you to change and my attempts are only to keep you as what you’re so that I don’t miss the charm of life. Which other woman in the world is lucky to have such a husband who pets and pampers her day and night to escape from punishment from her for his misdeeds?’


‘Of late Ammalu, when you come near me, I have a feeling of termites’ biting. Wonder why?’

‘Your blood sugar level has shot up. From now on, I will be giving your insulin shots’. 


Ammalu, age is no bar for romancing. Right?’

‘What’s romancing?’

‘Romancing is saying sweet little no sense things’

‘Only saying? If so, Yes’

‘If not ‘only saying’?’

‘Pick up your bed and sleep in the veranda’


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