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Grand ma, feel sad, you’ll go away soon’

‘Why worry about the winter tomorrow instead of enjoying the Sunshine now, my child ?’

‘Worried that they will pluck and dry you in the sun’

‘Do I stand here holding an umbrella?’

‘And you’ll vanish for ever, as part of a food item’

‘My child, you’re seeing only the negative side. Imagine the sight of hundreds of our families originating from the seeds I spread on the soil’

‘And if that doesn’t happen? Say, you’re straight away ground and made a part of chutney for idli?’

‘Iddlie sans chutney is insipid. Cast away your negative thoughts and follow me, when your turns come and make others life tasty, flavored and enjoyable ‘ 

Pc Nikhil Shivam Perinkulam 

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