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Ammalu is always right

Ammalu, my eyesight has become so poor that I lighted the agarbathi at the wrong end’

‘That is ok. But be  careful when you talk to my friends. Their eyesight is not as bad as yours’


‘Allow me to go wherever I want to, allow me to do whatever I want to. Who’re you to stop me, Ammalu?’

‘Too late for you to learn who I’m, SP’


‘My heart  is as big as our central hall. Ammalu, your  standing at the gate is not going to stop the entry of your friends, I like’

‘ I’m occupying the entire space of your heart SP, which you may not be aware of. Where’s space for another woman?’


‘Ammalu, there is a bright chance of my receiving invitation for giving a katcheri at the Chennai Music season. Will you help me to reach there?’

‘You want me to hold your hand and take you to stage?’

‘Pity you!  Let me put it this way for you to understand- will you keep your mouth shut, when I’m at home practicing music?’

‘You’re at home only for eating food. If you keep your mouth shut, I too will’ 

‘You’re a stupam of stupidity, Ammalu. Stupam means pillar’

‘I’ll  Put it in a way you understand . I’m a stupam or a pillar but with a mouth, which I should shut when you practice ?’


Ammalu, what is the general opinion of your friends about me?’

‘General opinion is you’re ok. Specifically if you ask, you’re yet to grow’



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