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You saved me Krishna. A humorous poem

You have many to feed you

You can enter any kitchen, any time 

steal butter, fresh and pure.


I peep into neighbor’s kitchen

‘You here?’, yells  the Mami 

‘Can I see you for a minute?’, 

I plead.

‘Wait in the foyer 

Till I adjust my sari layer’.


I wait for an hour 

Mami  still before the mirror!.


‘Panthikokku -roasted smell from your house’

Alerts mandhi Paru.

Pandhikokku is peruchAzhi or bandicoot,

Mandi Paru, the obese lady in the opposite house!

I don’t even roast bread, who roasts a big rat?

I rush back home.


OMG, i had only one wife and one bed

The wife had gone, now the bed is floating!

I had left a water tap fully opened!.


And why this charred smell every where!

I rush to the kitchen, the stove is on

The vessel with water was bright and round

When I kept on the stove ,

What you call this new shape and color?

My geometry is poor.


I look up. 

The ceiling is still seated  on the walls;

I look at the mirror,

My head is still safe on my shoulder!

You saved me Krishna, you saved me!

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