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A poetry from the flight


‘Soda or juice?’

Enquired the air hostess

In a sweet voice, neat dress.

‘Whiskey with soda’.

‘One or two pegs?’

‘Two, if you don’t mind’

Two pegs of whiskey, too small a base

To let my mind for a wild goose chase

But wonder how I asked the girl next to me

‘What is death, you the prettiest on earth?’

‘Death is going, going away for ever’.

‘Whither, you,  charming as  a peacock feather’ 

‘You’ll know, not now, when you go’, 

She turned aside, twisting her eye brow.

‘Attractive are your eyes’.

She bloomed, looked deep into my eyes.

I said, 

‘Death grabbed her from me,

But she didn’t go, she is still with me.

In the turbulent ocean of my inner deep

She rows in a small boat ;

Deep inside my soul 

She shines as a pearl.

Above my hardened heart of Meru 

She shines as a star.

Look up mademoiselle, can’t you see her sheen?’

‘Sorry to say old man,’ she was firm,

‘the moment she left

She ceased to be yours,

Like your exhaled air, 

Like your dropped hair!

‘Cruel you’re’, she admonished

‘Your love for her has demolished

Her chance of turning a divine bird

And carry on her back the great Lord.

Be bold, free her from your hold, 

Loosen the string in your hand 

Let her fly far and high

She belongs to the sky,

And not to you, and not to you’

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