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Thorthumudu, close to chest companion!

Thorthumundu is a Palakkadan sadhu, innocent like me. In the olden days it was closer to the body than one’s wife- that was what I heard from elders (telling lies was a sin for them!) Almost everywhere, Palakkadans used to enter just with a ‘thundu’ on their shoulder, even to cinema ‘kottais’, (theaters) or railway stations. It was a status symbol! 

Thorthumundus are available in 2/3 lengths and with borders in 2/3 colors, though black border is the choice of many.

While starting long distance walks or getting ready for important activities, my father used to tie it around his head and look majestic! I remember my yAtra as a child on his turbaned- head, crossing the Kalpathy river, to watch the car festival.

Malayalee women too used thorthumundu to cover their chest, when they were wearing only mundu and not sari. 

Thanks to my good hearted daughters in law, I have plenty of clothes, different type, suited to different climates and different occasions. However, while in India, my constant companion, close to my heart, is thorthumundu, during summer. When temperature shoots up,  I dip it in water, squeeze and then cover my chest. Oh, paramasukham

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