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Osthanu, Sir!


Waited behind the partially opened front door, in the early morning, to catch red handed, the culprit who steals my  flowers.  5, 10, 20 minutes passed- a hand extended towards the plant. Wanted to return to bed, if it was bangles-adorned. (Flowers are after all for whom? For God and women!) .But it wasn’t. 

Only old women are nowadays, wearing bangles and I have a sympathetic heart towards all old women, as they won’t be able to return to their young days.  Old men, all old men, will have a mental vibration unique for youngsters when they see any woman other than their life partner and during that golden moment they consider they are young.  

Coming back to the hand moving towards the plant, I screamed, ‘poda patti’.  My pure native tongue, sudda Malayalam, escapes from my mouth only for abusing others.

-get out, you bitch! Suddamaya artham- pure meaning. 

‘Attila entae eami Sir? What does it mean?’ 

Enquired the owner of the hand still active removing flowers. 

Oh, I made a mistake- the encroacher is a Telugu, not a Malayali! 

‘Get out, you dog’. That was the meaning, I wanted to tell him; instead  said, ‘Nee thalakkaya’ – your head! That is a common abuse in mana desam, Telugu Desam.

‘Anthena? That is all?’  He was happy that my abuse was mild, went out without bothering to close the gate, with a basketful of beautiful white flowers, which were to adorn my Shiva Lingam, Saligramams  and other statues of daily worship! I came out of my hide, wide opening my door, went down the steps and closed the main gate.  Now, no one can enter. 

The unfamiliar face turned towards me before turning the street corner and took my leave, ‘osthanu, Sir- will meet you again Sir- shall come again!

He will come again, I know but he had the courtesy to say that. Nice guy!

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