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Ammalu is always right

‘Abandoned by sleep, I sat under a mango tree last night, when I had a sort of enlightenment like Lord Buddha had, Ammmalu’

‘Did Lord Budha sit under a mango tree?’

‘’That is immaterial. What was important is the question awakened in my mind- why shouldn’t we live like husband and wife?’

‘Are we now living like brother and sister ?’

‘Not that. Why don’t we live like a real husband and wife?’

‘Are we now living like a bogus husband and wife?’

‘Oh, my God! How will I make you understand!’

‘Don’t worry. I understood. No more chance of that ‘very real’ for us anymore. We’re too old now’

‘Ignoring my inner awakening, Ammalu?’

‘Not at all. Advising you not to go out at night and sit under any tree’ 


Ammalu, are you jealous when your friends move closely with me and share my intelligence?’

‘I don’t know how close they move as they are all  bulky! Anyway, it is OK as they’re only sharing and not taking away your intelligence. I need it to settle our monthly dhobi and milkman’s bills’


‘You’re in deep meditation. Are you dreaming about my stone-strong  body or moon-shine face, Ammalu? 

‘I’m thinking how to send you to the shop in this hot Sun, to get some curry leaves as our tree has gone dry’

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