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Pleasing mother in law

‘Mama, my mother in law, of late, hates me. She often quarrels and calls me Orangutan’

‘What sweet food, she likes most?’

‘Paruppu pradaman’

‘Feed her that’

‘Oh, no. She is a diabetic’

‘How old is she ?’


‘Simply feed her with plenty of payasam’


‘Mama, your trick worked. My mamiyar has turned very friendly’ 

‘She still calls you orangutan?’

‘No, mama’

‘What does she call you now ?’

‘Paruppu pradaman’

‘You’re happy ?’

‘Very happy’

‘But, Mama, worried about —‘

‘Worried about what?’

‘Her constipation’

‘Give her kadukkai kazhayam’

‘Never mama. She will call me kadukkai kazhayam ‘

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