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Ammalu’s jealousy of Ammini

‘Ammalu, Ammini ceased to be my assistant long ago. You can’t expect her to address me now as ‘Sir’. Why do you frown at her when she calls me ‘SP’, as others do? ‘

‘She is not calling you the way others do. She is adding ragam, thanam and paalavi to those two alphabets and addresses you, ‘SPeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee’. I don’t like that. And once more if she does so, I will make her to dance before you, with no ragam, no thalam, but only Pallavi’

‘Ammalu, hope you won’t have any objection if some of your friends, during their forthcoming visit for kolu, wish to have a secret discussion with me on culture and arts, my specialized fields?’

‘Culture or agriculture, what secrecy can be there? ‘

‘Good question. What is culture? Your kolu is our culture. And—‘
‘Wait a minute please. If my kolu is culture, my friends should discuss with me and not with you’

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