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Navarathry is approaching



‘Ammalu, for the Navaratri kolu, will your friends come donning six yards or nine yards sari?’

‘What’s your problem, SP ? Some may be wearing, six yards, some nine yards and some no yards at all! I will warn you in advance so that you can close your eyes when the last category enters’


‘Ammalu, I’m excited that Navrathri is at our doorstep. What work are you going to give me to serve your friends, I mean to serve Goddess who comes in the form and shape of your friends? ‘

‘You’re my Pathi, my prime God. I will place you on a prominent place in the kolu stand among other dolls from where you can watch and bless my friends. Remember Gods only bless, not talk or sing ‘



‘Of all the women I have seen closely Ammalu, you have a divine face’

‘I have closely seen only your face and that is  a human face’


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