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Ammalu is always right

‘Is it true what I heard from Ammini about your English vocabulary, SP?’

‘She adores me as well as my language fluency’

‘Quiet possible. But, her story gives me a different version. It seems , in a file noting, you wrote, ‘I want you’, instead of ‘I warn you’ and forgot to sign. She didn’t notice what you wrote, and that file, with her signature, inadvertently reached the Director’s table, along with other files, The boss called Ammini and admonished her.

‘I’m sorry Ammini , I can’t oblige you,’ she told her it seems, ‘I’m already married and have a daughter of your age’

‘Ammalu, one fine morning you don’t find me at home, when you get up. Will you sit weeping in a corner or call your mom?’

‘I will drink my morning coffee and pour yours in the thermos’

‘Tell me frankly Ammalu, what is your contribution in my achievements in life?’

‘I expected you to know that’

‘I don’t know. Ok, tell me just two most important contributions’

‘One, I made you father of our children and two——‘

‘It is ok. Attend to your work. I’m hungry’

‘So, you know the second most important one’

‘Ammalu, I never told her so, believe me, completely. What else did she tell you about me?’

‘SP, I believe you completely. That’s why I don’t want to tell you what else she told about you’

‘It is alright. I’ll ask her’

‘Ask her, but she won’t tell you’

‘Why, she trusts me, completely’

‘She trusts you completely. But she can’t open her mouth for another month. My single thrash has paralyzed her face completely’


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