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Ammalu is always right

‘I have my best friend in this house and sorry Ammalu, that is not you’

‘Other than me and our cow Kavery, there is no other living being here. The moment you go near her, she kicks you left and right! And that is the closeness of your friendship!’

‘Poor Ammalu, my best friend is a woman, not an animal’

‘Very good. I’m looking for a woman to clean my bathrooms, as our servant maid is absent since yesterday. Bring your best friend out of the hideout, please’

‘My best friend for cleaning your bathrooms?’

‘Why not? If she is not prepared to help me, she is not your best friend. She is just an ordinary friend and I am not bothered. You have many such’

Ammalu, ask for any favor, I’m prepared to give you, but allow me to go wherever I want to, alone, all alone’

‘No problem. You would like to go after lunch or will be eating
in Pattu’s home?’

‘Who told you I’m going to visit Pattu?’

‘A wife who doesn’t know where her husband goes and from where he comes, is in danger. Any wife. And I’m not ‘any wife’. I’m SP’s wife’

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