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Ammalu is always right

‘How is our ninth century nine yards Narayani?’

‘Who is that?’

‘Your mom. Who else?’

‘She is in the kitchen’

‘AyYo, OMG! not your mother, my mother!’

‘Your mother’s name is not Narayani and she is not prehistoric like my mom but a lady of latest fashion donning jeans and T-shirt’

‘Ammalu, sorry for my slip of the tongue . I worship your mother next to Madurai Meenakshi. Uttered some nonsense without knowing that she is right in our house. Please ask your respected mom whether she will come with us for a movie’

‘With pleasure. I will call home now’

‘You said she is in the kitchen!!!’

‘She IS in the kitchen, HER kitchen’

‘So, Ammalu, with great difficulty, I have successfully completed the Shivarathri fast thrust on me, by you.
Smile charming lady’

‘Smile, how? Peanuts, cashew nuts, jaggery balls, puffed rice- the entire stock in my pantry has vanished in one day!

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