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Ammalu is always right

‘From now on, I want a separate room for myself, Ammalu.

‘Let me ask my mother and tell you’

‘Why your mother? Madam, this is my house, built from my money. None in the world including you, have any right over it’

‘I doubt’

‘What you doubt? Shall I show you the registration papers?’

‘I don’t believe in those papers’

‘Ammalu, the Registered document is the ultimate authority’

‘What does it show ?’

‘About my absolute ownership of this house’

‘If so, why did you ask for my permission to occupy one room for yourself? As a traditional wife, I trust your words more than any records’

‘Ok . I’m asking you to vacate my house. Now!’

‘Let me ask my mother?

‘Why? Why?’

‘As a modern women it is my right to stay her’

‘If that is the case, what’re you going to ask your mother?’

‘Whether I should allow you to stay here or not’

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