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Ammalu is always right

‘Ammalu, I heard a shocking news . You threatened Ammini that you will throw her out of our house if she comes again. How dare you? Ammalu she is a respectable woman’

‘I know. That was why, I didn’t threaten her. I kicked her out’

‘What is mesmerizing in me, Ammalu? Give me a honest answer’

‘If you want a really honest answer give me two minutes’


‘I’m back with the answer. This is the ninth time you’re asking me the same question’

‘Your memory power is mesmerizing me’

‘It is not my memory power, but your money power. Every time, after you ask the same question, I got so bored that I pulled out a hundred rupee note from your wallet and transferred to mine. Just now I counted and found nine notes there in my wallet. Please ask the same question once more. I can buy  two blouse pieces’

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