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Ammalu is always right

‘One good thing with me , Ammalu, Is, I speak truth’

‘Truth and truth alone!’

‘Unwanted emphasis on my simple statement’

‘Sorry. I will make it simpler. SP says he speaks truth. Ok ?’

‘Not OK. Why don’t you simply say, ‘SP speaks only truth?’

‘How can I ? I too speak only truth!’


‘Ammalu, , you know I’m a man of few words. That means, I will be precise in what I talk. I’m telling you as the sole owner of this house. I’m the sole owner as I paid for this house and not you. Your mom didn’t pay for this house; I paid ‘

‘I am clear about the ownership title. Can I go now?’

‘No, you can’t. I am yet to tell you, what I wanted to tell you’

‘I’m waiting’

‘Ok. Hear clearly. This house is mine’

‘As you and not me, paid for it. Can I go now?

‘No. This is what I wanted to say. Only one person can stay in my house- you, me or your mom. Choose. Time given two minutes’

‘My mom. I didn’t take even a minute’

‘Where will I go? ‘

‘You can’t live without me. So, you go wherever I go’

‘Why can’t I live without you?’

‘You can’t as you don’t know how to tie your dothi . Your girl friends will laugh when your dothi slips and falls from your hip.
Now you decide whether we all three can live here or not’

‘Ammalu, that dothi affair slipped from my mind’

‘Good boy. Now you can talk your few words’

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