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Will the Fall last for ever?

‘There seems to be only sleep left in me, not music,’ I told my daughter who wanted me to start singing.

‘You have been over straining your body for the past one year and the accumulated tiredness is having its toll now. Nothing to worry. Let the body exhausts it sleep demand’, said she.

Will this Fall last for ever
With branches standing dark and dry
Fit only to be burnt as firewood
Or will the life return?

Life should return
As my inner flow is still intact,
My veins and capillaries throb
My bones are wet.

The dryness is only skin- deep
The antharvahini, the flow below
Deep below the earth is alive.

When Mother Earth is wet
Why worry for the seed?
When She is totally parched,
Her heart will melt, eyes will shed
A drop of warm water
The seed will grab it
And grow as a huge tree.

But, I won’t allow my mom
To shed a tear in mourn
I will beg my Father in the Sky
To drop a dew in the morn



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