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Ammalu is always right


‘Ammalu, did you close the letter I asked you to write to that idiot Nair, on my behalf, with ‘love and regards’?

‘Yes, i did. What is wrong in it ? That is the way you close your letters’

‘He replies that he loves you and want you to convey his regards to me ‘

‘What is wrong in that? I accept his love and convey his regards to you’

‘As a married woman, you should accept only my love’

‘You write to me saying that you love me. I shall accept it instantly’

‘Are you mad, old woman? You want me to write you a love letter?’

‘Not a love letter. Simply write, ‘I love you, Ammalu!’

‘I can’t do that. Neither my father nor my grand father did that’

‘But they loved their wives?’

‘Yes, they did’

‘How do you say that with authenticity?’

‘Ammalu, stop the nonsense . How was I born? Anyway, to please you, I say, I love you’

‘Ok put it in writing’

‘I won’t’

‘Will you ask me the next question, I asked?

‘No, I won’t.’

‘Good boy. Go to sleep ‘


‘No, take one more pillow from my bed’

Cartoon courtesy- my cousin Ramki, Chennai.







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