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Ammalu is always right

‘I have a complaint against you, Ammalu. A serious complaint’

‘Tell my mom. If the complaint is about her, tell me’

‘You can’t be so casual about my complaint, a pretty serious one, Ammalu’

‘I know how serious it is’

‘Are you a Maharishi?’

‘I am your wife, for over forty five years. I learnt everything about you in the first forty five minutes’

‘Ok , if you are that gifted, tell me what my complaint is about’

‘I made medhu vada and not parippu vada for the evening tea.
The reason – dhal dabba empty’

Either me or you, Ammalu. We both have no room in this house’

‘What are you talking SP ? Have you completely lost your perception? Our house can accommodate twenty people, other than us. Complete fasting today, for you, till you regain some momentum in your brain. Not even a cup of coffee. You can go back to your room and relax’


‘Ammalu, I’m a free man. I can go wherever I want to. Your mother has no business to follow me wherever I go. She keeps an eye on me even while I’m in the kitchen, why? ‘

‘She suspects that you enter kitchen to collect the small coins we deposit in the dabbas now and then. ‘It is ok mom’, I told her, ‘aren’t we scooping big notes from his wallet?!”



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