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Ammalu is always right

‘SP, did you bargain for a cash discount when you went to buy stamps in the post office?!

‘Who told you?’


‘She came here?’

‘Yes, when you were taking a nap after food’

‘Why didn’t you wake me up?’

‘I never knew that she owes you money’

‘She doesn’t ‘

‘That was why, I didn’t wake you up ‘

‘Do you mind, if I sit here looking at your face to enjoy your beauty, Ammalu?’

‘Welcome. Wait a minute, please. I will move away from the window ‘

‘Why Ammalu?. You feel shy that others will watch my silent romancing ?’

‘No, I will be unnecessarily suspecting a honest husband that his eyes search outside through the window opening’

‘In the olden days, Ammalu, the world prospered because husbands kept wives under their toes’

‘Can you quote an authority, for this assessment?’

‘Product of my deep thinking’

‘Flaw in your product, SP. Keeping women under toes, how did procreation take place?’


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