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Ammalu is always right

‘Ammalu, remember, remember always that you are NOT an angel dropped from the heaven to rectify my defects’

‘I am not an angel, I know. I also know that I’m an ordinary woman deputed by the destiny to put you on the track, but I failed, failed miserably. Not because of my inefficiency.
I failed because, derailment is in your DNA—-‘

‘Stop it, you stupid woman! You have no right to blame my predecessor and successors.’

‘I didn’t . You didn’t allow me to complete the sentence. Don’t you claim to be a special person?’

‘Yes, I did and I do and I will.
It is not just a hollow claim. The world admits it. The history will substantiate my claim’

‘Exactly. The derailment DNA is special only for you’

‘You are teaching me science?!

‘I have taught you many things. But, as your DNA special only for you–‘

‘Wait a minute. So, you, Ammalu, for the first time, admit that I’m special, unique. That will do for me’

‘That will do for me too!!’

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