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In sleeper class from Palakkad

Apart from the mesmerizing winds passing through the opened windows of the sleeper class train, which kissed me all over, hugged again and again, shared some secrets and sang a Pallavi, there were other interesting aspects during my recent return trip from Kerala. I have, in my blog, already an emotional story on a similar travel earlier.

Usually, I get up more than once, from sleep, to empty my bladder, but my recent journey was so enchanting that I slept whole night, undisturbed, though there was an important reason, strong enough, to wake me up, a dozen times. That was to observe the reaction of an old lady to the ‘kusu, kusu’ sweet romantic chats of her son with his wife, about which she complained to me during the day . I never allow such golden opportunities to slip through my fingers as mothers in law and their actions and reactions always provide fodder to my internal cows of inquisitiveness.

‘Did you, during your young days, engaged in ‘kusu,kusu’, sweet talk with your wife throughout your journey, as my son is doing now,? She had asked me
and I had replied, ‘not with my wife, with some other young ladies’

At Guntur, she woke me up asked me to follow the couple.
‘Don’t sleep like a log. Catch them red handed. They have gone out for a stroll’

I got annoyed.

‘Madam, they are your own son and daughter in law. Your son would have held the hand of his own wife and gone out for a morning stroll to buy a pack of hot Guntur chillies for you. Why do you torture me?’

‘No, my son is not that bold to hold her hand right before my eyes’, she replied. Pride of a mother of an obedient son was shining on her face.

‘The trains now a days start with no warning vessels,’ I tried to explain my fear. ‘If the battery of my hear aids fail when the train moves, with me on the platform, will you ensure that the nenthram pazham and chakkapazham, long plantains and jack fruit, I’m carrying all the way from Olavakkode, will reach my Habsiguda house?’

‘We will uncle!’, the reply came not from her but from her son and daughter in law in the top births!


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