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Ammalu is always right

SP, will you please move from here?

‘Why should I?’

‘I want to change my dress. I need privacy’

‘Can’t you see I’m not wearing my glasses?’

‘You need glasses to see what should not be seen and
aids to hear what should not be heard. Don’t I know you?’

‘Don’t I know you? Go head’

‘Go ahead? I will physically carry you and dumb in your chair, if you stay here one more minute’

‘One minute is not a short period to see things worth seeing’

‘Get out, get out, get out. You ———!!!’

‘Ammalu, after thinking all these years, thinking and thinking again again, I am convinced now that I didn’t err in choosing you as my wife. What about you?’

‘I’m thinking. Yet to come to the thinking and thinking stage’

‘Ammalu, you have every right to scold me. I have every right to —-‘
‘Complete the sentence’

‘Let us not talk about rights’

‘That is right’

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