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Ammalu is always right

‘I mistook you for a star in the sky when I met you , Ammalu. My eyesight failed me’

‘My eyesight didn’t. You still stay on the ground level, moving up, not an inch. But, thanks to my firm hold on you, you didn’t slip and nose dive’

‘Ammalu, the problem is not with your poor attention but with your proximity itself. When I call for any little help, say to get a tumbler of water, you don’t respond. You are always busy in the kitchen . To cook for two, do you need twenty four hours?’

‘SP, do one thing. Employ a cook. I will sit with you all the day’

‘Ok. Look for a good looking girl’

‘I want a cook, not a daughter in law. And don’t think I’m a fool to miss your mischievous plan’

‘Ammalu, life should be give and take. I give you everything you need . What do you give me?’

‘Soap and towel when you extend your hand through the bathroom door gap’


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