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Ammalu is always right

‘Ammalu, you haven’t heard all my glories’

‘Say soon, before my hearing aid batteries go inert’

‘Ammalu, all said and done, I’m am a honest husband’

‘Sorry. Batteries out’

‘It is immaterial for me whether you sit in a cart or a chariot. You should sit in my heart always. That is my only interest’

‘How do I find a place in your heart, Ammalu?’

‘Simple. Sit in your easy chair in the study reading or writing or doing whatever you like and not enter the Kitchen and nag me.
Today is Varalakshmi vratham and I have plenty of jobs to do’

‘AmbAl wants thattai for PrasAdam’

‘Tell Her, she will get it’

‘She is in Ammini’s house now, Shall I go and tell her?!

‘Yes, please go to Ammini or Paru or Parukutty or any friend’s house and don’t disturb me till my pooja is over’

‘What about sitting in your heart?!

‘No, I will be more peaceful if I allow you to roam about, instead of keeping you within me. Anyway, you are harmless now’

‘Ammalu, are we alone now? If so, I want to tell you something in private’

‘I have no glasses now and can’t tell you clearly whether someone is hiding behind the doors. Anyway, you want only to
tell something. No harm, old man!’


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