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Wah, , what a wedding!


‘The wedding was like a village festival. I didn’t attend such a glamorous wedding so far’

‘The couple left for USA?’

‘The boy left. The girl stayed back’

‘Why? Accommodation problem in USA?’

‘Accommodation problem, in the car, not in USA .

While driving to the airport, the boy’s mother wanted to sit near her son.

‘I don’t know when I will see my son again. Let me have the joy of sitting by his side for a short distance’, said the affectionate mother, wiping the tear drop waiting to fall, with her silk sari end. Natural!’

‘Short or long is not the question. Entitlement’, said the shy girl, looking partially at her husband and partially on the ground,
She wanted to sit by his side. Natural!
‘En daa, any objection?’, she enquired her hubby eagerly.

He nether said ‘yes’ nor ‘no’.

But the boy’s mom asked the bride, ‘you already started calling my son, ‘da?!

‘Let the baby call me whatever she likes’, consoled the caring son.

‘Baby, enkedaa, baby?’ , enquired the eager mother, looking around for the baby.

‘For 24 hours you’re going sit near him in the flight’, tried to interfere the girl’s dad, ‘why not his mother sit near him for twenty minutes?’

‘Dad, you know nothing’, argued the bride to her dad. ‘If I allow the old lady’s small wish now, she will sit on my head throughout my life’

The boy looked at his watch. His friends too did the same. Argument continued.

No settlement on seating yet.

The ladies, young and old argued, argued. No result.

‘Let Pappa sit near Chellappa. What do you lose?’ Asked the angry hubby senior to his wife.

‘What do I lose ? I am losing my Chellam’, retorted the angry lady.

The bride’s mom was a ‘no nonsense’ woman.

‘Let us go Kanmani’, said she to her pet daughter, called for a cab, as her driver was enjoying his feast.

And the boy drove to air port, along with others.

‘There would have been a big gathering to see him off?’

‘Oh! Half the airport was his people.

‘The boy didn’t say a word , to his sweet honey, while leaving?!

‘He did. When the girl waved, ‘ta,ta’, he said, ‘bye,bye!’


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