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Ammalu is always right

Ammalu, only my hope not my hold on you, is getting loosened.
What say you?’

‘I never lose my hope on you, as you are still in the process of growing. My hold on you has yielded fruits. And now my hold is only to prevent you falling. You want me to say anything more?’

Basic courtesies!!!

Consequently for four days, our home helper Yadamma was absent.
‘Couldn’t you tell me a word in advance?’, I asked her this morning.
‘Marictchupoyaanu Sir- I forgot’ . Her casual reply.
I’m helpless. Forgetfulness is not my sole property!

The paper walah Ramu throws the news paper, on the wet varanda floor, though I stand like a statue at the front gate. Cant’t he hand it over to me?

‘You didn’t see me standing?’ I ask.
‘No, Sir!’
He has gone!

If he threw the paper despite seeing me standing, there is scope for complaining. If he didn’t see at all?

The neighbor who comes to read my newspaper enquires earnestly,
‘don’t you have the habit of drinking coffee in the morning?’
‘I’ll have it after sometime’
‘Why, is it RahukAlam now?’


Leave away outsiders. Ammalu? Starts scrapping coconut when I practice singing. ‘What a nuisance.? Can’t you do it without making that rattling noice?’, I ask her politely.

‘Do you need chutney for idli or not?’, she retorts angrily.

‘I need chutney, dear, but why this shrill now?’. I submit soberly.

‘Ok, you do it yourself without noise’. She leaves the little mount with a forked tongue and goes to watch TV.

‘How to mount this Meru mountain, Ammalu?’ Can you help me please?’. I request her.

‘Let this serial be over’.

‘It won’t be over, now’

‘What is the hurry? You have Idli with jaggery ‘

‘Are you joking, Ammalu? Idli with jaggery is like you and me! Where is the combination?’

‘Happy Independence Day!’. She leaves for her mother’s home, next street.

I have somehow managed to sit on the scrapper mount . How to get down?

‘Ammalu, don’t disturb me till lunch time, please. I’m trying to figure out your problem ‘

‘I have no problems’

‘Exactly. And that is my problem. I worked like a bull while in service and continue to work like a servant for you, even now.
I struggled then; I struggle now. And you enjoy!’

‘Lunch is ready’

‘Problem solved’

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