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Ammalu is always right

‘Ammalu, there is a seniors matrimonial meet tomorrow in Hyderabad’


‘Wonder whether I should register with your permission ‘

‘No objection. But I thought only those who are singles meet. No?’

‘Singles can select one partner’

‘Doubles can select two partners? Then, register my name too’

‘Ammalu, what is the name of our new tenant?’

‘You have her biodata. If her name is missing, why don’t you ask her’

‘Talking to a female? Not interested’

‘But that female is interested in talking to you’

‘Is it so? Valsala is a wonderful woman’

‘There you go, old man’

‘Ammalu, did you say Paru called me?’

‘No. Why? You were expending a call from her?’

‘No. She was expecting from me’

‘Then, why don’t you call her?’


‘Lift the phone and say ‘hello, Paru’. Her husband will answer. What is your problem?’

‘That is the problem, Ammalu!’

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