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Ammalu is always right



‘How does parukutty look in her new sari, SP’

‘Gorgeous. She is a marvelous girl’

‘I know about her marvels. We’ll leisurely talk about her. Now tell me how will I look in that sari?’

‘It won’t suit you, Ammalu’

‘Which colour will suit me, blue, red, orange?


‘You know better. I won’t even look at our Chettiar shop, now on. Chalo SP. Let us go to town. Kumaran or Nalli. Select the best to your satisfaction. After all, for whose satisfaction am I wearing clothes?’

‘Ammalu, there are no matching saris in the town too’

‘Very good. Let us go to KANCHI, the capital of silk saris.
After all, for whose satisfaction–?’

‘Ammalu, again and again I’m telling you no saris will suit you’

Ok. You know better. Buy jeans and pants’

‘Ammalu, I forgot to tell you. Our Chettiar has a new collection. Hurry up, before that get exhausted’


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