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Ammalu is always right


‘Ammalu, way back from the temple went casually to meet our astrologer ThAtchu Panikkar.
After thoroughly studying our two horoscopes for over an hour, he asked me in anger, ‘which idiot matched these two horoscopes? What he said afterwords, horrified me,
‘There is not a single matching point!”

‘He wasted an hour to arrive at that conclusion, which he would have achieved by spending a minute or two with us. Any way, without a single matching point, we have four children. Imagine the result, if all the ten points had matched!’

‘Ammalu, for heaven”s sake never underestimate my love for you. I’m prepared to go to any extend to prove my sincerity, affection, love, dedication for you. I’m prepared to do any work you want me to do.
I’m –‘

‘Please close the main gate, when you leave!’

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