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Ammalu is always right

‘It is my desire, wish and prayer that you should continue to be my wife for another twenty births, Ammalu!’

‘Thank you. But, I desire to have a break for one or two births just to watch the fun. Let your old friends whom you always praise have an innings or two with you’

My mind murmurs that you’re not my wife, Ammalu”

‘Did it really?’

‘Yes, my queen’

‘What am I, then, here?’

‘You’re here to cook and serve me food. Not me, but my mind says so, my Marakathavalli’

‘I’m asking you again, SP. Did your mind really say so?’

‘Yes, my NAtchiyar. Have I ever lied to you’

‘Something seriously wrong .Your mind is in a wrong place.’

‘Why, the red rose of my dream?’

‘If not me, who else carried and delivered your children? your mind ? If so, it is in a wrong place, my lord for this world and the next seven worlds’

‘We’re living together for several years. I don’t think we are coming closer and closer, Ammalu’

‘We did and had the result. No more now and thank God for that’

‘Everything about me is attractive, say my friends. Wish I could say the same about you, Ammalu!’

‘You can, but not your friends!’

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