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Ammalu is always right

‘In the heart of my heart, I have an unfulfilled desire, Ammalu.
In the presence of my friends, I will stand rising my head high, proudly and  you should fall at my feet. I will lift you up saying, ‘it is ok ”

‘SP, it is not ok. You can’t bend down and pick up even a pen or paper. How will you lift me up? I’m prepared to fall at your feet not once but a hundred times. Each time, your friends will lift me up. Will you still say, ‘it is ok’?
Think before saying something, great man!’

‘Ammalu, there is no age bar for learning. Shall I appoint a home tuition to teach you ‘A’,’B’,C’,’D’?’

‘I don’t like to learn from others. You learn first and teach me. There is no age bar for learning’


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