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Tears are not mere water molecules
To be wiped off by a kerchief
Or by your palm or finger.
They are the visible symbols
Of mostly pains and at times overjoy,
Mostly, they are the silent sighs of sadness,
Formed into clouds by inner pressure
And got converted to tears.

Tears are expressions
Of the suppressed feelings,
Solidified insults and injuries
Humiliation, neglect,
Rigorous tortures
Of suffocating souls,
Evaporated and gained a form
From the formless.

Allow the compressed pressures
Which gained form from the formless
To flow out.

If possible,
Say a soft word,
Just one word, but not hurting.

If possible,
Share a kind look,
For a second, not beyond,
But kind, smiling
Yes, looks can smile, words can smile.

If possible, give a hug
For a second, not beyond
But sincerely, wholeheartedly,
Sympathetically, affectionately.

The injured soul will get invigorated
And fly high to the sky
Like a baby bird just taught
The art of flying.
Like a born blind
Just gained vision
And seeing his mother’s face,
His wife’s face, his children’s face
The world’s face.
His own face!

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