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Ammalu is always right

‘At times I feel Ammalu, that we are a mismatch as husband and wife’

‘I feel so all the time’

‘Then, how are you keeping quiet?’

‘What should I do?’

‘You should try to match’

‘But, why? I’m happy with the present’

‘But, how?’

‘Because of this mismatch, I’m one step above you.
If we were in perfect match, I won’t be able to control you, as I’m doing now’

‘Ammalu, we ‘re in perfect match. I didn’t say this. Our astrologer Annadurai Iyer said’

‘Can’t you look a bit more fashionable, Ammalu?’

‘I would love to, not a bit, but full length’

‘Full length ?’

‘Full length means your expenses on my clothing will be minimum’

‘Are you crazy, old woman?’

‘I’m not. I’m only trying to fulfill the desires of my husband’

‘My desire is you should have one more nine yards to wrap you around and look decent’

‘Ok, as you wish. Shall we go to Chettiar shop for buying extra saris?’

‘Ammalu, you will never allow me to live in peace. If I turn right, you attack. If I turn left, you attack!’

‘Sorry, SP. What about that ‘bit’, you wanted?’

‘You make me crazy, old woman. I expected too much from you’

‘No, you expected too little. That was where the bit came’

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