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Hail the king


The royal procession was moving in glory
The crowd was waving and cheering.
There was one man, his head in wrap
Who didn’t look at the chariot or clap.

Arrested and sent to jail
He didn’t remove his veil
He was brought to king’s court
The throne remained vacant

‘Go to North, go to South,
Go to East, go to West
Bring the king’, ordered the prince
All went; returned, ‘No trace’.

‘Wal, wal’, entered a puppy pet
Dragged the veiled to the king’s seat
‘Bow, bow’, it barked and said
‘King was not in the chariot’

I won’t follow the crowd
Make noises loud.
I know clearly that part.
The King is not in the chariot.
He is among us,
Along with us.

Yes, he is among us, along with us
He can be inside the chariot too.
Wherever He is, He is our King
Hail the king!

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