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The doves will be back


Went to Ayyappa temple
To pay my salutes humble.
God was inside, aloof
A pair of doves on the roof
Enjoying the sunlight,
Ready for a flight,
Chirping, playing
Moving together,

None dares to climb the roof
Of the home where god dwells
But did these little birds
A lovely pair
Stroll over God’s head!

Real fun there, behold!
What matters if I’m old?
Bracing is their moves
The happy pair doves
Together they walk, one halts
The other too halts,
One moves backward,
The other too.
What a symphony on the roof
Am I old, show the proof !

Flies up one, the other
doesn’t move a feather,
Waits, then goes up
And they come back together!

The temple bell rings
Devotees come running
I too, and shout
‘Swamy saranam
Ayyappa saranam’

Fly away the birds
Unable to stand my words?
It is bad,
I feel sad!

Why did I yell?
God can’t hear well?
Isn’t He so near?
Tip toe I retire.

Relax; God is there,
The roof is there
I will go, so what?
The doves will be back
The doves will be back!

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