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Mamu’s prayer


This Assam girl is close to my heart,
Very close.
She, in fact, is a part of my family
Indistinguishable part.

Lustrous was her life
Till a tornado in Chicago
Torn it to pieces.

With one stoke, a massive stroke,
The Fate destroyed her present and future
Leaving her a residue of a massive rupture.

Still fresh in my mind,
The roar of the whirlwind
Flashing like devil’s swords
To tell you, I’ve no words!

The Fate turned a brute?
To shake lives deep to its roots?
It danced like a drunkard
Or a destroyer’s vanguard .

Her picture was colorful
Never black and white
I know the colors wont return
But atleast the black should go
But will it?

I’m glad, after an Year
I can see, when I’m near
A white streak for which I waited
I’m excited!

Luminous is her character
The disaster couldn’t diminish
It’s luster
Bad luck met with bad time
When it troubled a good dame.

Time should show a gesture
And give her a future
The blood stain should go for ever
And she should suffer never.

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