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Fruits should be in a/c rooms

Going crazy in the glowing heat,
Why hard for me to beat?
Five decades of stay went waste?
”Yes’, says the nicker from my waist.
Feel ashamed while I muse
Get me soon some cold juice.

Numberless the days I wandered
With no hat, no umbrella,
What happened all of a sudden
Why heat became a hefty burden?

‘The sun is the same, the land is the same,
But not you, dad’, tells my daughter.
‘No more you are a green mango
You, a ripe fruit now!”

‘But fruits are juicy, and am I thirsty!’
‘True, dad!, tells Megh.
‘We enjoy your juice,
Your poems, stories, songs and jokes
Your very presence is a passion
For us, beyond oceans’

My heat is gone, I’m reborn young
Ready to fly and eat the sun
Like the little VAyuputhar.
Vicha, where my tube of Athar?

What he knows about Athar, the scent?
The old city special, I’m out
Twenty miles who cares?
‘ll be back ere sun retires.

From my back, my brother coughs,
From the kitchen a kitten mews
For maid Yadamma, it is a news
My going out in this hot sun
But for me, it’s a fun.

No fun this, hot waves who pour,
The moment I open a half door?
Fruits should be in a/c room
Like my friend, a NRI bridegroom
Who came to marry an Indian honey,
And she went for night shopping with his money!

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