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Grand grand pa of all pas and mas

Fate is trying to sidestep me
But, I follow His footsteps, like a puppy.
True I follow, but don’t wag my tail
Can’t say when, in anger,
He will cut my tail.
My Master feeds me,
He can do anything
With me
And He does!

In one stroke, last year,
His lightening struck suddenly
And turned to ash a prime life
Close to me and His thunder
Shook me to my roots.

Master, Still pains your last year’s blow
Don’t beat again, you, the heaven’s glow.
I bend my head, can’t stand more woes
Shall faithfully follow your golden toes.

Master, still pains your thrash
Over a decade and half ago;
You threw me down the hill
I fell down like a coconut, breaking
Bones and spilling blood,
But, I breathed!

I continue to breath
And walk too, ignoring your wrath
I can’t challenge you
But can disobey you
And continue to stay
Under your shade,
Crying but not quitting!
Crying like my Dhruvudu, Sidhu,
Shreya, Vibha or other babies.

I’ll cry and cry to make you go mad
But you won’t, I know
As You are not a grandpa like me,
You are a grand, grand pa of all pas and mas!

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