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How I live my life is important, not how long


Searching for words among plants and bushes,
you, crazy old man?
Search for seeds and flowers.
Search for flowers and seeds from books too,
not words alone.

Words, not truthful and meaningful
Not sweet, soft, not fragrant
waste they are.
But flowers, flowers are flowers
Whether white, red, yellow or pink.
Seeds too, all seeds carries trees
In its bosom!
Awesome they are!

Awesome are women!
They carry seeds and deliver flowers
Awesome are words, those carry flowers.

Awesome is God as we can’t see but only feel
Like air we breath.
Awesome is breathing,
It stops  our journey.
Awesome is journey, to the Sannidhanam
Of Ayyappa, treading the path rough, thorny, rocky
Awesome is baby’s smile and wife’s happy look.

Awesome is our own life if we live it
But do we really?
Breathing is life, is it really?
Breathing we should
But breathing alone is not life
Eating, drinking and sleeping
Alone is not life.

Living is life.
Living is not existing
Let me live my life
As I’m eighty.
Eighty is not an ideal age to start living
Any day is awesome, right?
How I live my life is important
Not how long.

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