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My eightieth birthday musing


Twenty long years just rolled by like twenty days! Today is Vrichikam ( Karthikai) Hastham and on this day two decades ago, when my children were all small, their mother was with us and my siblings, their partners, my nephews, nieces all joined at Anantha Jyothy and we had a big celebration here in this hall. I stand there alone today. Many scenes of the past two decades passes through my mind. Many good things, some bad things too happened in my life and good events pushed to a corner the bad events, though could not bury those for ever. It gives me anyway, solace to see that I’m alive and kicking, kicking at times too fast, for my age! . Overall, things are not bad, in fact they are very good, considering the sharp punches and pinches dents and cracks inflicted by the Time. I can talk coherently, walk without losing steps, recall and reproduce what I’m told, eat without any external help and do many things on my own, all great gifts. My children are kind, courteous and caring and more importantly their life partners too. There can’t be a better celebration than that. Let me celebrate these silently, my children’s support, my body’s support, my mind’s support and above all God’s support.

Let it continue Baghavan, let it’

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  1. Happy Birthday mama.  I did not realize mami was absent from your life. I am sure she is wishing you and your family the very best. She is your guardian angel.Namaskaram. Subhalakshmi/ Bushu 🙂

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