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Ammalu is always right

‘Let us settle this issue once and for all, Ammalu. Is there an element of doubt in a corner of your mind that I’m not all that honest and sincere as I appear to be’

‘Not in a corner. Is the issue settled once and for all and to your satisfaction?’

“There is a divya tejas, Devine glow on my face, said Kameswari, while I was coming out of the temple. You too see the glow on my face, Ammalu?’

‘Yes, I do see. And that glow was not there when you left for the temple. Your Easwaries are doing wonders there!’

‘Yes, Ammalu. I agree, I have a hundred bad habits. What will you do? Go and complain to your mom? . What will she do? She will ask me to return the one hundred soiled one rupee notes she gave me as dowry. I will give her new currency notes. Fresh from the bank. What does the old lady knows about my status in the society?’

‘SP, she neither complains about your habits which are not that bad as you proudly claims to be, nor is reclaiming the soiled notes, which she purposely gave you.
She only asks you to use a belt to tighten your dothi, if you can’t wear it tight. It may not suit your high status if it slips and falls when you go for a walk along with other people of high society’


‘Had I issued a matrimonial ad. hundreds of beauties would have responded, Ammalu’

‘Why only hundreds, even thousands of girls would have responded had you inserted your photo too. But ultimately, you could have selected only one beauty’

‘Why only one? I would have selected four’

‘Oh, you were talking of ad. for kannukutties, calves! I thought it was for a girl’

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