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A tree in a temple premises


A lamp before a deity or shrine, yes, understandable. Flowers at the feet of a deity, understandable. But, why those at the feet of a tree? Are these people mad?

Imagine how old would have been this tree. Certainly it would have been standing there seeing several summers and winters. Certainly, it would have seen several devotees coming to the temple, would have given shelter to them and perhaps fruits too. It will continue to do so for many more years. Even after all devotes have left for home, even after the doors of shrines are shut, the tree stands there meditating. It doesn’t go to sleep. When the devotees comes next morning welcomes them with freshness bubbling on their face! No complaint of not getting sleep the previous night. Like that several nights have passed by, but still the tree has remained fresh, happy and ready to welcome devotees. Is not this tree worth worshipping?

Mountains , hills, rivers, trees, animals, aakAsam, space, air, Vaayu, bhoomi, the earth, Agni, fire, all were worshipped by our ancestors. They found divine presence in everything. No, they found them as Devine, as gods themselves. The result was they realized their own divinity and tried to be honest, truthful, caring, loving, compassionate, kind.

The god in trees and hills and rivers theory worked extremely well for generations and continues to work to a great extend even now.

That belief is good. Let not enter in my mind all sorts of doubts and new theories to nullify my inherited ancestral asset.

Let me place a few flowers and light a mud lamp at the feet of the tree.

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