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Ammalu is always right


My youngest daughter in law Meena Bhaskar’s Boston kolu.


‘For Bommakolu when your friends come, I can go out if you don’t like me to be here, Ammalu’

‘No need. Be in your library, pretending to read or write, enjoying our chats secretly. But don’t peep into the pooja every five minutes and tell the womenfolk, ‘this doll is Rama, that doll is Ravana, who stole his wife’ . Every one knows the Rama story’

‘And every one knows that I didn’t steal another man’s wife but I have my own’

‘Wah, SP, classic. You deserve a seat in my kolu!’


‘Why do you stare at me when I cut jokes with my former colleagues, who come for Bommakolu, Ammalu?’

‘You laugh at your jokes while others don’t. In fact you are the only one who laughs.’

‘If not others, you could laugh?’

‘I feel laughing now!’

‘Ammalu, invite all your friends Ammini, Paru, Pattu, KalyAni, Karthyayani, every one and ask them to sing a song each. If you want me to join, I can oblige’.

‘I think it is enough if you alone sing. That will cover all the ragams, all the thalams’



‘I’m glad that you are a gifting a Kanchi sari for all our friends
When they come home for bommakolu’

‘Kanchi pattu for Bommakolu? Who told you?’

‘They all said’

‘That is their trick. They know that you will get excited , come running and prompt me and I will rush to the Chettiar shop and buy saris to keep up my prestige. Cunning women!’

‘They saw you in the Chettiar shop this morning’

‘I went to buy a sari for myself’

‘Why for you, now? Last year you bought one sari’

‘I did, yes. Your friends didn’t and they are roaming about with no wrappings! Awaiting for my gift !’

‘You seems to be in angry mood, Ammalu’

‘No, I’m very pleased with my husband who wants me to buy twenty saris and gift to his old friends but can’t tolerate my buying a sari for my use’

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