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Onion chutney expert

Savithri was in such a hurry when she entered my house that I thought her husband was hiding behind me and she had come to pick him up.

‘He is not here’, I made the position clear without waiting for her asking.

‘Who is not here?’ She asked.

‘Your husband’

‘Who wants that old man? I came for you’

‘But, I’m older to him’

‘Anna, your jokes are always enjoyable like pulitchamor( soured buttermilk)’

‘Why call me ‘Anna’? Aren’t you older to me?’

‘Again jokes!’

‘Like pulitchamor?!

‘Anna, enough of this. I came for a help.

‘Want to borrow some Sundari cheekai powder?’

‘Jokes again! I want you to make some onion chutney for me’

‘What! You think I’m a cook ?’

‘You are. That is what everyone says. And your onion chutney is superb, I’m told’

‘Everyone said that?’

‘Not everyone. Our Parukutty said . She saw your post and your picture with a bowlful of onion chutney’

‘Parukutty said? Ok. Parukutty, you are out of my friends circle !’
Shivam Perinkulam
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